Friday, June 17, 2011

WIP Weekly, fabric purchases, and colour choices

To start with: WIP Weekly


The pic's rotated itself through 90degrees, thanks to Flickr - I think it was too wide for Flickr's parameters, so it turned it over.

But the circles and diamonds are very clear now, although I still think the fabric choices are too busy for the kaleidoscope pattern. My bad. And, uh, almost nothing meets at a point. *coughs*inexact seaming again*coughs*

I am not the most precise quilter - how y'all manage such exacting points and precision I don't know but I really admire! People say that it helps to starch your fabrics to keep them in shape...I'm definitely considering that.

Then again, it might just be me...

I kinda rewarded myself for some (non-quilting) work done with a spending spree at Sew Fresh Fabrics...

I bought about, oh, eight yards of various fabrics. Mostly stash-builders, because I looked through my fabrics and I have a lot of pre-cuts, but not quite as much yardage as I'd like (except in batiks, where I have a whole box full of batiks...I love batiks).

A handful of the fabrics I picked:

Nice punchy colours to add to my stash. I need more bold colours. And some blender fabrics. But that's for later perhaps.

This week was a week for spending:

I also bought a full yard of each fabric in Kaufman's Valley Of The Kings Jewel Colourstory. Hopefully I can put it together in a way that does the fabric justice!

Finally, here's the fabric choices for the Kaleidoscope Quilt-Along at Don't Call Me Betsy:

After the craziness of the Sanctuary Kaleidoscope, I'm going for something a lot more visually stable. A white almost-solid, a leafy autumn pattern, and a bunch of strong colour accents:


I'm hoping it'll produce a quilt with some good movement, but also a nice stable pattern that doesn't give people migranes.

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  1. Hey, the kaleidoscope quilt looks gorgeous! It definitely does NOT give me a migraine, I can see the circles and diamonds and I think the prints work well.

    Can't wait to see your new Kaleidoscope QA quilt! And sorry you missed the linky this week!


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