Tuesday, June 7, 2011

we're back!

So, after losing my job, going on holiday, and having my cat die while I was away... I am unemployed, home, and catless.

I think the worst part about coming home is the loss of the cat. Because my life used to side-step around her, and now I side-step...but there's no reason to do so. That's the 2nd hardest part of missing her. The hardest part is wanting to cuddle her and pet her and listen to her purr...

*sniffles a little*

In quilting news, while I was on holiday, I took a bag full of HST's to hand-sew...and didn't touch them once! Oops.

Now that I'm back, the UFOs are still circling my lounge room. I have three wedding quilts to bind, two Christmas table runners, and that damned Sanctuary Kaleidoscope, which is kicking my ass something horrendous.

I have three more weddings to make quilts for (stepbrother, hockey friend #1, hockey friend #2).

And I've decided to join in with the quilt-along at Don't Call Me Betsy...for another Kaleidoscope Quilt. EEP!

I'll learn my lesson this time and go with fabrics that are much much less busy...

And, in a possibly fatal move, I'm going to a fabric warehouse with a friend tomorrow morning. She says she's a fabric enabler. I think I'm a perfectly good enabler all on my own, but we'll see...

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  1. I am sorry to hear about your cat. So sad!
    Good luck with the kaleidoscopes and the fabric store!


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