Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIP Wednesday #17

Having finished my writing assignments, I've been very productive this week!

Apart from finishing my own personal quilt, I've made significant inroads on the Gothic Summer Sampler and the Octarine Batiks!

Gothic Summer Sampler

The Flower Garden Path
Not quite what you like to see in your garden, perhaps...
Summer Sampler QAL: Flower garden path block
...but those bow skulls are really quite sweet!

The Mosaic came out beautifully:
Summer Sampler QAL: mosaic
Look at those HSTs! And the points that actually match! (Forgive me for being excited, I'm not known for my precision seams.)

And the paper-pieced Star...which worked out fine on the paper-piecing front, except for the part where I forgot to change one of the colours in Template B. Oops!
Gothic Summer Sampler WIP #1
No way am I doing that again, though!

Then there's the Arkansas Traveller:
Gothic Summer Sampler:
Yeah, I, uh, made a few miscalculations on how much fabric was actually needed for the pieces. Note to self: remember that the seams take up fabric, too!

And finally, the String Star!
summer sampler: string star
I didn't do it the way Kate suggested because I wanted the full hexagon in the middle. Too late, I realised my error! Too late, I discovered the pitfalls inherent in piecing it this way!

*shudder* Y-seams. Horrible, horrible, horrible things. I never want to do them again. Ever. I mean it!

But the bow skulls do look awfully cute. (For a given value of 'cute'.)

I debated whether to introduce another colour, but I might stick with the (somewhat rather stark) palette of red, black, and white. And perhaps introduce a little alternative colours in the borders?

The Colour Of Magic
a.k.a. 'Octarine Batiks'.

Laid it out again, and am sewing the rows together now.

The Colour Of Magic

Still to bind
- Shaz & A's "Sunshine And Lollipops"

Planned Works

The Dead Simple QAL

- Mum's Imperial quilt (I should get on this first)
- Harvest Mountain Magic


  1. You should totally be excited. Seams matching is a big deal at my house, too. Your blocks look great to me!

  2. I agree.....scary cute! Looks like lots of work!

  3. Y-seams? Could you tell me how you REALLY feel about them? haha.

    Anyway your blocks are super cool!

  4. The skulls on your Summer Sampler quilt are awesome. : ) Love it! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )


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