Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday is...fabric day!

Joel Dewberry's Aviary II!

Aviary ii by Joel Dewberry

I know everyone's gaga over the Heirloom collection right now - and I totally plan to get the Sapphire colourway (just as soon as I have a job and money and...) - but I love the muted colours of this: grey, black, white, and that dull yellow-buff colour that adds almost-warmth, with a dash of dove blue-grey to add almost-cool.

It goes into the stash to be used together, I think. Something simple - perhaps the Modern Basics cover quilt?

I bought a bunch of batiks, but don't know that I like them enough to use them in the covers of my quilts, so I'm presently using them in backings:
The Colour Of Magic - back

I have several WIPs in the works as of tomorrow, but that'll all go into WIP Wednesday, complete with pics. :)

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