Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday #15

This has been a singularly unproductive week.

I only have three active projects right now:

1. Kaleidoscope QAL back

kaleidoscope back

I haven't done all that much with this in the last week since my focus has been on a couple of writing assignments due this week and next. Mostly, the work was putting together the purple section, and then deciding on the fabric for the other end. I'll hopefully have some time to cut and sew all the sections together this weekend.

2. My own bedquilt!

This project has been sitting around for a very very long time. I finished it around 2008, got it quilted, and somehow never got around to binding it!

I figured, seeing as I'm doing all this binding for other quilt projects, I should finish my own, too!

This pic was taken at the August meeting for the Sydney Southern Cross Quilters' Guild - the first Saturday of every month they meet at a pub down the road, chat, eat, and work on their crafting projects!

The quilt pattern is from Stack A New Deck by Karla Alexander, and is one that I love using for Batiks - it looks so scrappy-quilt, but it's really not!

I'll post some finished pics...once it's actually finished!

3. Crooked Summer Sampler

So I'm part of a 'Crooked Crafting' swap, where people endeavour to make oddball and unusual crafty things. Many of the women in the swap are into 'alternative' genres - goth, the occult, and horror...and some of us just like being a little bit different!

I decided I'd go the Summer Sampler blacks and reds (with a dash of bone and maybe some grey):

This is the current thought on the colour scheme:

Crooked Summer Sampler

The Kona Solids on the left will be the 'background' colour of the block, while the scarlet, black, and bone batiks on the right will be the other parts of the blocks.

That's the theory, anyway! We'll see how it turns out in execution.

As an alternative, I'm wondering if I shouldn't order some Kona Black and make that the 'background' of the blocks and then use the batiks and solids as the other parts? One can always do with more Kona Black...


  1. The Stack quilt is beautiful! You will love having it completed.

  2. Your quilt guild sounds like my kind of group! Eat, drink, and craft! The quilt for your bed is beautiful, love the colors!

  3. Good luck on your own quilt. I think many people have trouble finishing work for themselves (me included) since there's no "deadline."

  4. Your quilt for your bed is wonderful, and what fun to do the sampler blocks in that palette.


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