Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday #19

Busy week! Busy busy week!

Took three four quilts off to the quilter today: The Colour Of Magic, Sanctuary Kaleidoscope, and Central Park Boxes (below).

It was originally three, but the quilter pointed out that the backing intended for Central Park Boxes could be a quilt in its own right.

Evidence A:
back of Park Boxes

I spent yesterday and this morning frantically piecing this thing together so I'd have a back for the front of the Central Park Boxes:
Park Boxes

The blocks for the back were simple enough (yay hourglass blocks!), but it was the additional troubleshooting that wore me out!

"Uh oh! Not enough hourglass blocks...uh, just make some nine-patches!"
"Uh oh! The columns aren't wide enough...uh...just add some extra patches at the top and bottom of each column!"
"Uh oh! The backing we cut isn't enough...uh...just cut some more!"

Anyway, I decided it's going to be a quilt all its own. It's not exactly my idea of 'pretty''ll do, I guess! I should think of a name for it - no idea what.

And now I have three returned quilts from the quilter to bind!

quilts to bind

They are really very pretty. I love this quilter's work - although I did end up spending 2 hours at her place this afternoon, chatting and picking out patterns for the next four quilts...

I also pieced together a backing for the Sanctuary Kaleidoscope:
Sanctuary Kaleidoscope - back

That was mostly Monday and Tuesday, too. A lot of trying to get disparate fabrics to play together without hitting, and I'm not convinced they do!

Binding to do
- Shaz and A's quilt ("sunshine and lollipops")
- postage stamp (from ps. i quilt's QAL in January this year)
- supernova (from freshly pieced QAL in April this year)
- modern rail fence

Quilting For Kids project
Finished my blocks!

quilting for kids - finished

I don't think the extra colours in the purples show up too much... If no-one complains, I think I'll just leave it that way!

Mum's Impstar Quilt
I got tired of waiting for the rest of the fabric and started making the stars:

mum's impstar quilt

Could do with more contrast for the black star on the chrysanthemums or the green star on the fireworks, but...maybe those can end up on the back of the quilt or something!

I like the design. It'll show off the fabric, while still upholding the pattern. Now I just need to find something that will do the same for the Australiana and Valley Of The Kings sets that I have...

Gothic Summer Sampler
Slowed down on this something dreadful, although I got the Minnesota block done!
Gothic Summer Sampler: Minnesota block

And the set so far!
gothic summer sampler

Working on the Evening Star now, and I have a list of blocks that I'm going to use to finish it and make it a decent size.

It has to be posted by the 3rd October. Here's hoping I can get it all done by then!

Planned Works

The Dead Simple QAL

Still thinking this one over. I like the theory, not sure I have time for it in practise.

I'm going to put the Harvest Fabrics Quilt into this pile as well, because...well, I'm trying to decide what pattern to do...


  1. Beautiful quilts! I think I'd better become a follower to see what you make next :)

  2. Wow, so many pretty projects! But I especially love the Central Park one, very nice!

  3. Lovely projects! The Central Park project is very pretty!

  4. You've got a lot of great projects going on. :)

  5. Visiting from WIP Wednesday. Love the Central Parks top... Please do the Dead Simple QAL! It would be so much fun to do...any ideas for palette in your mind???

  6. Lots going on! I like your central park quilt. It is really cute!

  7. Don't you just love the Central Park fabrics? Great job on your quilt top!!

  8. Wow, you have been busy! The Summer Sampler is coming along great, and I love the Central Park boxes. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  9. So many pretty quilts. You are very talented.

  10. I really love your Central Park Squares. Gothic Summer is so interesting!

  11. Really liking that Park project quilt!
    You sound like me. Some days when I end up doing more troubleshooting than anything else, it may be time to listen to the universe and find something else to do!!


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