Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gothic Summer Sampler - finishing off the top

Confession time! I'm not really eager to do the Kansas Dust Storm - too much paper piecing. So I'm skipping that and replacing it with others. I actually want a 4x4 block quilt for the squareness and to make it a little larger - hopefully I can still complete it in time for the craft swap!

So, with 9 blocks, here are the remaining 7 planned blocks for the Gothic Summer Sampler:
1. Evening Star
2. Rocky Road to Kansas
3. VOS Denise's Star
4. Pennsylvania
5. Texas Rose
6. Bear Tracks
7. All Hallows Variation

That'll make it a 4x4 block quilt, of around 50 inches square.

Or I might decide that enough is enough and just stop here at 3x3...

I'm debating whether or not to give it a 4" black framing border, or just bind the edge in red. Or perhaps a thin black border, a wider skull border, and the edge bound in red.

Not sure what I'll do for the back. Maybe the skull fabric?

One thing I can say about this quilt, though: no careful sewing of the binding! They're going to get zig-zagged scarlet thread sewing! And they're going to like it!

I'm hoping to get them done this week, and then sew it all together on the weekend. We can hope!

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