Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Gifts!

Cushions for my bible study leaders:


Two for each couple.


I've only known C&K a couple of years - they got married at the end of the first year I knew them, and I gave them a quilt for their wedding. Late, of course, because these things happen!

But the pillow with the flying geese was supposed to match their quilt (which is a double irish chain)...and didn't quite. The other pillow is made from some autumnal charm squares I bought back when I first discovered online fabric stores...


J&C I've known since I was a baby. Or, rather, they've been family friends for years. I'm five months older than their oldest daughter and we were in school together for years.

And now the gift for a Secret Santa swap!

messenger bag: proto

It's a prototype, really - I kind of got things mixed around and put the flap on the the front instead of the back... Oops.

It's a feature! [insert computer programming joke here about bugs vs. features]

Hopefully they're able to use these gifts. I'm not fond of things that gather dust...

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  1. Love your cushions and bags. How lovely for your bible study leaders to receive such a lovely gift :)


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