Saturday, December 10, 2011

wait, it's December already?!?

Sadly, I have done very little quilting in the last ten days, thanks to writing deadlines looming on the horizon.

Not that I'm managing to meet those deadlines, either. :(

Anyway, this is the state of the quilting room:

Those patches up the back? Are cushion-covers for one set of bible study leaders. I have yet to piece and put together the cushion-covers for the other set of bible study leaders. See, we were thinking about getting them gifts, and I said I could make cushion-covers and...


Apart from my writing, I'm very focused on making Christmas presents right now - mostly messenger bags, although I might try a cloth-covered notebook for one of the stepbrothers. And some fabric coasters for the easily washable option.

I might do a Stash Sunday tomorrow since I went shopping with Jenn today at Fabric Warehouse out in Alexandria...and bought some stash additions.

...I just typed 'addictions', which, really, is what this is turning out to be...

Christmas, here we come!

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