Friday, March 2, 2012

the post of desirable objects!

Fringe S2 promo

Any Fringe fans here? No? Just me?

It's an awesome show, btw. Plus, the lead actress is Australian! (We're taking over your screens: first it was Nicole, Russell, Hugh, Cate, and Geoffrey, now it's Alex [O'Loughlin] and Anna [Torv]...)

Anyway, this is just a post of all those bits and pieces that I'd like to get at some stage - kind of like a shopping list with no due date.

EZ Quilting Tri-Recs Ruler

Groovin' Fat Quarter Bundle
Jane Spolar of Quilt Poetry for Northcott Fabrics

Avalon Excalibur

Bespoken Lush

Blue Eden

Cabana Blooms

Classic Jurassic

Hawaiian Crazy Daisy

Crisp Pear Decadence

Speckled Pear Decadence

Dress Up

Finally Free

Seagull Flock

Parrot Flock

Dragonfly Flying Colours

Hummingbird Flying Colours

French Court
Magnolia Fresh Cut
Mount Gould Garden Wall
Bishops Cap Garden Wall
Good Fortune
Spice Market
Gumdrop Tonga Batiks
Imperial Pheasant
Misty Impressions
Opalescent Impression
Sea Foam Impressions
Lemon Grove
Dreamer Lark
Sweet Lush
Sunny Lush

Citrus/Tangerine/Sky Ooh La La
Azure Pear Tree

Moroccan Mirage by Khristian A Howell

Hello Luscious by Basic Grey

To Market To Market by Marie Perkins

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