Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday!

w00t! (finished)

Floating Wildflowers

I know it's not the done thing to say you like traditional quilts anymore. With the popularity of the quilting blogosphere and the advent of the loud-and-proud modern quilter, traditional fabrics and the quilts they're made from have become distinctly passe.

Hanging Floating Wildflowers

But I can't help myself. I love this quilt.

Floating Wildflowers: low

Maybe it's the richness of the colours. Maybe it's the way the blocks dance across the quilt top, their jazz-hands out and waggling.

Maybe it's just that for all that I love the bright colours of modern fabrics, there's something about traditional fabrics that just goes directly to the conservative traditionalist in my soul and says, "Hey, you're gonna love this!"

floating wildflowers: finished

And, you know, maybe it's just that my kittehs are made of adorable when they refuse to walk on the finished quilt top, but sit down on it the instant I fold it up.

the nature of cats

Don't you love Mal's expression?

What? You meant you didn't put this down for me to sit on?

So this is finished top #4 for 2012 - HUZZAH!

February Birthday Block

This is late, but I did let the mods know that it would be late. I'm a little worried that they haven't contacted me at all, though.

Of course, I stupidly packed it up and sent it off without taking a photo of it first. So no pics.


:/ (WIP)

Scrap Attack: Dirty Dancing - layout and piecing together - will do this week, because need to get a move along!

Disappearing Harvest - still needs binding - will do this week

New York Beauty QAL - have papers, have started picking fabrics, haven't started putting it together yet - will do Block 0 this week!

Paper Pieced Stars: The Starry Night - I've actually ordered this book so I don't have to keep borrowing my friend's copy! I should try to do a block every couple of weeks at least...

Kitchen is still in a state of disarray, although we're looking to start picking up again later this week. And the kittehs say 'hi!' and 'what are you doing interrupting our nap for your stupid blog photos!'

the kittehs

Pet the kittehs (unless you're allergic to cat hair, or a dog person, in which case, don't) and then run along and check out all the other WIP Wednesdays linked up at Freshly Pieced!


  1. It took me a while to start appreciating the modern quilt movement because it seems to reject all the work of quilters before us. I definitely think there is a place for both and a place for combining styles. Love your quilt.

  2. Your quilt looks lovely! Your comment about the jazz-hands made me laugh! It's definitely a very lively quilt! Nice job on finish #4 and it's only March!

  3. I love the way the jazz hands wave too!

  4. No worries about traditional....I love them. I love the modern too; but I started out years back with the traditional, and still am drawn to them....

  5. Darling quilt!It does look warm and rich.

  6. I love your quilt. The colors are wonderful. Great job!


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