Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIP Wednesday!

And once again it's Hump Day!

A quiet week. Only progress was on the Floating Wildflowers for Simone's wedding. And that wasn't as much progress as I would have liked.


Floating Wildflowers

Modern or Traditional?

Blocks are made and laid!
Floating Wildflowers

They're not quite as floaty as I'd like, but the design carries off, overall, I think.

I plan for a thin framing border in a dark colour (or possibly several) and then some small coloured squares as a border to widen it just that little bit more.

Floating Wildflowers: getting it together

It's been more difficult laying them out and sewing it together because of the new kittehs:
Yin/Yang kittehs

They look cute and quiet here, but they have a tendency to play with anything that is fabric and loose, or which has a trailing a string of blocks being carried to the sewing table...


No Progress
- Paper Pieced Stars: I'm going to add more stars to this and make it a lap quilt, or possibly a wall hanging.
- Scrap Attack: Dirty Dancing: need to lay it out again and sew the blocks together
- Disappearing Harvest: still needs binding

Finally, I'm going to sell a couple of my quilts because my finances are running out and things are looking grim in the job market over here:

The Colour Of Magic
the colour of magic

Modern Rail Fence
modern rail fence

I'll have the details up on Etsy in a few days once I work out shipping costs, etc.

Keep an eye out for them!

And go forth and check out the linky post over at Freshly Pieced!


  1. Your wildflower quilt is coming alone nicely. And btw, I looove your kitty pics!

  2. your quilts are wonderful but your kitties are the best!

  3. Your quilts are beautiful! Love the pic's of the kittens too!

  4. Both your for sale quilts are quite lovely...good luck with them,Sel. I do like the first one too. I think it is both modern and traditional. Very nice.


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