Friday, October 5, 2012

Instagram Friday!

Not too many instgrams this week: I kept forgetting to have my phone with me to snapshot where I was and what I was doing.

Last Friday night at Circular Quay in Sydney. I was in town to see a play with the parentals. ("Australia Day" by the Sydney Theatre Company - the theatre company being run by Cate Blanchett and husband Andrew Upton - great play, but probably would only be fully appreciated by Australians.) The city had been washed with rain earlier, and it was quite stunning to see - the pavement reflections were exquisite.

Sydney's Circular Quay by night.

Saturday morning: the already-cut pile in the foreground, the still-to-be-cut pile in the background.

Eternity quilt: fabric progress -cut and uncut.

Cutting, cutting, cutting - cut pile to the right. Uncut pile to the left. Selvedges in the front,and the strips visible in the back...

Eternity quilt: A cacophony of colour!

One of the kittehs looking utterly adorable on Monday. (Never mind that she's sitting in the lid of a filing box that she's going to start shredding just as soon as I take the camera away...)

Kitteh in filing pile.

I saw these guys at a local train station on Wednesday, casually sitting on the railing and munching on the remnants of a loaf of bread which someone had tossed down for them. I passed less than two metres from them and they didn't move, just eyed me as though to make sure I wasn't going to eat their bread.

Sulphur crested cockatoos at station.

I'll be away this weekend with my bible study group, so hopefully some good instagrams then!

...I'm taking some quilting stuff (those Eternity quilt strips) to do while I'm away. And handsewing. So there should be an update on Monday...

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