Thursday, October 18, 2012

Instagram Friday!

Right, so this is Instagram Friday for last week because I am lateness. Sorry!

I went away for a weekend, and got a lot of handsewing done. Got back for the week, and went to a Sugar Hit (Crave International Food Festival in Sydney - their 'dessert specialty' each year), and laid out all the Eternity quilt pieces.

So a broad variety of photos this week!

Starting with kitteh, because I am fatuous about my kittehs.

Snoozing kitteh. I'm gonna Miss them this weekend.

How is it they can be so damned cute?

Greens and browns and creams.

Lunch at an oyster farm.

Pecan pie. Not mine, alas!

@buschhy and Bible study weekend away

They look like statues...they're not. They're bloody big birds!

Stars: amazing how much hand sewing you get done with non geeky people.

Oh my stars and garters!

Sugar Hit at the Sofitel Wentworth.

Sugar Hit at the Sofitel Wentworth. Death by chocolate!

Eternity quilt: I really don't want to think about how many pieces there are...

Eternity quilt strips

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  1. That's a LOT of triangles! :D Can't wait to see what an eternity quilt it


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