Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIP Wednesday: the one with charms

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


Sydney Modern Quilt Guild - Hexy Charity Quilt

(At least, done in so far as I've completed my part of it.)

Yellow hexies on the train!

Yellows on the train.

And we are done!

Hexies finished!

Phew! So much teeny-tiny sewing, but so very pretty! And now what am I going to do on the train to work, pray tell?

Lily And Will Baby Quilt

No progress. It's still hanging over the old TV. I think it's going to have to be straight-line stitching...

I <3 KONA Charm Swap

Start with 112 charm squares of 56 Kona solids, and 112 two-inch squares of Kona White:

I <3 Kona: I have plans.

Sew together at the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild Sew-In at Greta's Handicrafts:

I <3 Kona charm swap from @pileofabric: blocks

Press and arrange:

Square dance? I <3 Kona charm swap.

Decide you don't like the pale blues in the middle, rearrange and start sewing:

Square dance progress.

I still don't like the placements for some of the yellow-greens, but...what can you do?

Next Week

Books And Blocks Bee

I am a bad Bee. :(

Finally, I made a trip over to Hornsby Hobbysew:

Hobbysew Hornsby

Mmmm, fabric!

What have you been working on?


  1. Those hexes look wonderful! The quilt is looking good as well.

  2. Your hexes are looking great. Must have been a treat to visit a fabric shop - not many of those where I live.

  3. Love the name of your blog! Lol. It's perfect! Your hexies are just glowing...and the values top looks great!

  4. Oh wow the colors are that rainbow quilt are incredible! Beautiful job!

  5. I love the hexies! and your Kona quilt will be great!

  6. Love the look of all those rainbow hexies. One of these days I'll break down and make some.

  7. Hi! Your quilts are so beautiful! I love this one with solids and the hexies are also fantastic! Wishes from Greece!


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