Monday, March 11, 2013

Free Motion Quilting Day!

No, it's not anything official, but that's what today is for me: Free Motion Quilting Day.

I'm going to FMQ these two quilts:

Santorini Sun & Sky

Santorini Sun and Sky

The Dead Simple Quilt

dead not-so-simple QAL

I've been reviewing Angela Walters' Free-Motion Quilting patterns for most of the morning, trying to work out what to use and how to do it, and also checking out the Free Motion Quilting Project - although those seem to be mostly fillers. I'm thinking something with waves and pearls on Santorini, and maybe a leafy design on Dead Simple - still haven't quite worked that one out!

I figure that after the Eternity Quilt and the tricksy difficulty of doing the Eternity Quilt (I did not start with an easy quilt), these two should be relatively simple...

Material Obsession's Swap Day: the Eternity Quilt, finished and hung.


Pics on the other side!


  1. Both of these quilts are going to be fantastic. And I really loved what you did with your Eternity quilt. It was fun watching you work on that over time.

  2. Wow! Your eternity quilt looks amazing! The next 2 should be a lot of fun too! Love both of the sites you mentioned. I also really like using tracing paper to trace out actual pictures to put in my quilts! Sew much fun!

  3. If you did that well on Eternity; you have no worries girl!! Lovely quilts.


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