Monday, October 28, 2013

Pacific Rim Messenger Bag!

And so, a finish!

The Pacific Rim messenger bag with the logo for the Jaeger 'Gipsy Danger' (piloted by our heroes), made for a craft exchange.

I made it in 'stealth mode' so the recipient could hide the logo if she wanted:

messenger bag finished!

And added an inside pocket since the front outer pockets were co-opted by the logo.

messenger bag finished!

A little extra sewing will be required, however, since I managed to get the side pocket ALL WRONG.

First, I sewed it upside-down. So the finished edge I'd sewed? That's in the seam. The raw edge is what's showing. *facepalm*

messenger bag pocket

And then the little 'tag' that I made to help pull out a phone that had stuck too deep in there wouldn't work with my sister's Nokia. (It is an old phone, mind you - not a smartphone, so not very wide...)

messenger bag pocket

But it is done. And hopefully the recipient likes it and can use it!

messenger bag finished!

I have another yard or so of this Japanese chrysanthemum fabric in a navy blue and several yards of Echino linens that are perfect for this kind of bag. Although I really should switch it up - try a few other bag styles, perhaps?

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  1. Great bag, Sel - I'm sure the recipient will love it!

    And good call on the stealthy logo. I love that movie, other people love that movie, but sometimes, you don't want to proclaim your movie tastes and nerd leanings at the office or the dentist's. :-) Yay, Gipsy Danger!


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