Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday - the one with mostly mermaids



Blocks cut and ordered, and the sewing has begun. I was hoping to spend 1hr a day on this, but it hasn't happened yet.

mermaids block bits

mermaids block pieces

mermaids seeing

mermaids and other cut things

mermaids block half done

Also, side note: don't you hate it when you make a wrong cut on the rarest fabric that you have in an already-rare collection?


This is all I have of this print. The entirety of it. I don't even remember where I laid hands on it, or if I swapped my firstborn in exchange for it.

And I cut it short. *facepalm*

I ended up sewing it together and just re-cutting it. But still! Of all the pieces to get wrong!

The Sydney Modern Quilt Guild meets on Saturday, so that'll be a good time to get all the blocks sewn together. :)

USA Hurray

Sewing the columns together:

USA hurray

Should not be that difficult.

Pacific Rim messenger bag

well, messenger bags generally. Try to get ahead of the Christmas rush!

messenger bags

But at least one (maybe two) will have the Gipsy Danger logo on it:

Pacific Rim messenger bag logo

Smaller than the cushions I did.

To Do




How are you going? What are you doing this week? Have you linked up at Freshly Pieced? I'm going to go in and comment on at least five blogs this week!


  1. Nice to see the mermaids progressing - it looks good!

  2. Ahhh, but it is so difficult to stop buying fabric!!! I think I tell myself to stop at least once a day. Love the Heather Ross mermaid fabric line, I am a bit jealous as I was only able to get my hands on one fat quarter of the stuff. Nice work.

  3. I can't wait to see how "Mermaids" comes together :)


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