Thursday, July 24, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one with lots of bits and pieces

It's been a crazy week. CRAZY.


Rainbow Snowflakes

The snowflake blocks weren't so bad once I got my piecing system working for the block. It takes about 60 mins to put one together when everything's laid out and you have the divider strips cut. And when there isn't unpicking to be done!

Stash and snowflakes

But the red-orange one is giving me trouble. It was the first one, so there were still bugs in the process, and the result wasn't quite as neat as the later ones.


I'm thinking of going back and redoing it because it's bugging me. It's not like I have a shortage of scraps. I may have a shortage of sanity, though!

And I'm not looking forward to putting it together. Y-seams will probably be involved and I have a mortal terror of them...


Sewed Rosettes 1 and 3 together. Currently working on the surrounding Rosettes to start filling it all in.

Stash and snowflakes

As much as I admire the fussy-cutters doing amazing things with the Passacaglia (check out the #epicmillefioriquilt tag on instagram), I rather like the simple drama of the Reese Scannell shot-cottons. Stark geometrics, colour, and tricksing the eye: all my kinds of things!

SeaBreeze mini QAL

It's started! Full QAL post over at, with the list of awesome Australian quilt bloggers, but there's also a FB group here.

Stash and snowflakes

I finally got moving and have my HSTs sewn and trimmed. I was going to do something rainbow scrappy, but ended up just using Kona solids - Kona Slate, and a range of the lighter blues. It's a SeaBreeze mini-quilt after all!

And today (Thursday here in Aus) is my day to Instagram the #seabreezemqal. So here's the story so far!

My day to instagram the #seabreezemqal with @gnomeangel: the story so far. Warning! Layout on instagram may not necessarily resemble final quilt!

Warning! Layout on instagram may not necessarily resemble final quilt!

On Tuesday the blogger was joworimakes of Instagram - and her mini quilt is so spectacular! Yesterday's bloggers are Leanne of Daisy and Jack and Annabel (IG: @belloquacity).

No Movement

There's still The Unfinished Borders Club:
1. Build Me Up Buttercup
2. USA Hurray
3. All Around The World

...and The Needs Backings Club:
1. Pantone Challenge
2. Farmhouse

...and The FMQ Club:
1. Mendocino Mermaids
2. Honey Honey
3. Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

...and The Blocks In Bits Club:
1. Red Letter Day blocks
2. batik log cabin blocks
3. "Swell" quilt
4. "Framed" quilt

Stop laughing. I know I have a lot of things to finish! *sulks*



Ugh. I really hate trying to organise this thing. And then take photos. And then get the photos up. And then sort out invoices and everything. But it needs doing.

So that's me this week. What about you? How are your projects coming along?

(Also, sorry to all the people who commented on the last WIP Wednesday who didn't receive a mail back. I was intending to get back to you all and then the last week happened.)


  1. All your WIPs are so pretty! And I love that you have "clubs" for your UFOs. Hope this coming week is much less crazy for you!

  2. Oh man oh man those rainbow snowflakes are FABULOUS!


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