Wednesday, July 16, 2014

WIP Wednesday - the one with plenty of snowflakes!

So it's been a week! What a week! I got a little bit more progress done in-between everything else, but not much. Not as much as I would have liked.

The main reason - the big reason - is that on Saturday, my sister and I bought a house!

Our house (to be)! Is a very very very nice house, with two cats in the yard... #yesweboughtit #holycow

Small house on manageable block in good location. Pretty much ready to move into, and seems in good condition - we need to confirm that with some inspections. It was within our budget and even if it turns out to need serious repairs, we can afford that. (At least, I'm pretty sure we can.)

I'm still in a state of "WHAT HAVE WE DONE??" though...


Rainbow Snowflakes

So this is most of the stuff I've done this week - getting my snowflakes up and moving.

There's the scrappy snowflakes which I'm piecing with painstaking care:

WIP Wednesday: snowflakes

And the two original snowflake blocks I made, which I'm turning into cushion covers:

WIP Wednesday: snowflakes

So basically, my design wall is entirely snowflakes:

WIP Wednesday: snowflakes


Sloooowly moving - getting onto the smaller rosettes!

Moving on to the smaller rosettes in the #epicmillefioriquilt...

No Movement

The six quilts and their backings are sitting in a package on my kitchen floor, because I haven't been able to get it to the post office. Saturday. Definitely Saturday...

SeaBreeze mini QAL

I have fabrics! I have plans! I just have no space to enact them!

step 1: finish the snowflakes by Saturday so there's not all these little pieces lying around
step 2: start cutting and sewing the blocks on Saturday
step 3: resist the urge to make it a big mini quilt (I don't usually do small quilts! I do ginormous queen-sized ones!)


1. Finish as many WIPs as possible before moving

1. Build Me Up Buttercup - borders
2. USA Hurray - borders
3. All Around The World - borders

2. Destash! Destash! Destash!

And this will be fabrics, books, perfume oils, drawing stuff - SO MUCH STUFF. My middle sister and I will be moving into a house that is basically one-third the size of our current one. Which we have lived in for the last ten years straight, and before that for thirteen years on-and-off.

That's a LOT of stuff.

At least we don't have to get out of our current house for another four months at the extreme range, although the parentals (who technically own the place) would like us out at the three month mark so they have a month to sort, garage sale, and bin everything we leave behind!

other things

The house we've bought has floorboards under the carpet. My only hard line before we move in is to remove the carpet and polish the floorboards. Which means we will have big expanses of floor needing rugs. I've decided to make quilt-rugs to cover the floor in each of the rooms. I can design them however I like, they'll be easily washable, and pretty! (That's my reasoning, anyway.)

So I need to start sourcing slightly more hardy fabrics for the backing.

How about you? What have you been doing this week?


  1. wow your snowflakes are so stunning, totally love your bright and happy design wall

  2. Those snow flakes are incredible, they must take ages to get them so accurate! Good luck with the move - it's a cute looking house :D (Popping over from WIPW)

  3. Your snowflakes on the design wall are amazing.

  4. Congratulations on your new home! Your quilting projects are amazing

  5. Adorable little house! Congrats. Those rainbow snowflakes are amazing!

  6. Those snowflakes are gorgeous! And congrats on the house--happy moving!

  7. The snowflakes are amazing and will look great as a rainbow. Are you working from a pattern?

  8. Love the colors in the snowflakes, so happy not to see all blue. Your points are beautiful

  9. Those snowflakes are AMAZING!!! Love!

    Congratulations on your house - such an exciting step! I hope you have many years of happiness there.

    Also your Passacaglia? I bought the book last weekend at the show and OMG I WANT TO MAKE EVERYTHING. Especially Wall Flower. And Passacaglia. Sigh. Your version is beautiful.

  10. That house is so cute!! Love the snowflake stars, they are so eye catching.

  11. Those snowflakes are gorgeous! Do you have a pattern? I look forward to seeing your finished quilt, confident it will be stunning!


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