Friday, October 31, 2014

Absent Week

Moving has taken all the wind out of my quilting sails - not only because I packed all my fabrics and sewing things away, but also because unpacking and sorting takes just about all the time I have brainspace for.

Plus, getting rid of the excess of a 600sqm+ house after splitting a household into a 125sqm house and a 60sqm apartment is a big effort.

The only photo I have of a quilt in the last two weeks is this one - 1, 2, 3, Go Momo!


I did this quilt back in 2012, and only just got it quilted. And while I'm trying to sell the bedframe, I thought I'd take a pic or two of the bed with a quilt on it. 1, 2, 3, Go Momo! was just the right size for it.

I feel like I need enough time to breathe, but we're still packing up the remainder of the old house (where the bedframe and furniture is), and unpacking at the new. My ginormous 5x5 IKEA Expedit is all set up in the workroom, my machine is sitting on my Horn sewing cabinet (the machine platform needs a new rim), and I've started unpacking boxes. The problem is primarily one of organisation - the urge to start sorting now is hard to resist. But, really, I'm better off getting everything into the shelves and then working out how I want to arrange it.

#honestsewingroom now to fill it with fabric!

Maybe next week I'll get some sewing done?

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  1. The quilt looks fabulous Sel, and you know I am jealous of your sewing room...ah for a space like that of my own...maybe one day :)


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