Monday, November 24, 2014

Summer Organising Series (and some finishes)

I've decided to pick up the summer organising series again from over at A Quilting Life. This was originally featured in the Northern Hemisphere summer, but I was too busy buying a house, trying to sort stuff out, and packing to move.

Now that I've actually moved in and we've gotten rid of the old house, it's time to start getting the new place organised!

So that'll be the next couple of weeks leading up to Christmas. Because...


I'm not quite completed on the Aussie Christmas Swap, and I just remembered the supernova friendship block swap!

Considering I was as far behind as September's exchange for the Aussie Handmade Birthday Club exchange (Party 3, calling Party 3 - we need a cleanup for a delayed swapper on Party 3...), getting everything done over the weekend was such a relief!

I'm going to put up some photos without telling you who got what. Which means if the people who are due to receive gifts are is your chance to look away so you don't get spoiled!

Quilting catch up!
The bag is by Jeni of In Color Order , and I've seen it around the intarwebs but never gotten around to making it. It looked so stylish, I figured it must be tricksy, but it's really very easy!

Quilting catch up!
Zipper pouches (tutorial from The Purl Bee). I was going to do some funky stuff with the Monkey Wrench block and the inside of the pouch, but opted out in the end. But I will never fear the zipper pouches again!

My own shopping bag design.

Okay, so that last one wasn't actually finished at the point where I took the photo. I probably should have taken a finished photo of it. (Forgot. Of course.) But I need to make a pattern for that bag. It's a very compact, useful thing, and it's not that hard to make. Just finicky with the sewing and the french seam.

I hope the recipients like them! I also added in a little extra gift for the September and October gifts since they were late.

And December's gift is done! (No previews. It's not on its way yet, and won't be until December rolls around.)

So I don't have to worry until January. By which time I expect to have learned yet another new sewing skill. I don't know what yet, but I'll let you know...

So I have time to start sorting my fabric collection and working out what to use it all in. And avoid acquiring any more!

I did acquire a layer cake of Kate Spain's Cuzco collection, which is rare as hen's teeth, but was marked down! This shop is the same one where I got bolts of Mendocino Mermaids (fuchsia swimming sisters and gold mermaids) in 2012. I tell you, they have no idea the value of what they have half the time!

Not that I'm complaining!

Anyway, organising my sewing room. And finishing a quilt pattern I promised to Make Modern Magazine back in August. Le sigh. It's stunning, but just so finicky. Plus, ugh, yardage calculations.

I do not think I have the temperament for quilt-pattern making. My quilting is opposite to my writing. When I write, I plan everything out. EVERYTHING. Who says what and what they're doing, expressions, thoughts, behind-the-scenes, history, background, and overall context. I don't just write, I over-write.

Quilting, on the other hand, I just do off the cuff! No calculating or planning in advance, just do it!

Weird, right?

Anyway, I'll work out what I'm working on by the time WIP Wednesday rolls around. Maybe.

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