Thursday, November 13, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one where I'm starting to get my brain back

So, my sewing brain is starting to come back. HUZZAH!



Slowly coming together!

Still haven't actually sewn anything in this house! #honestsewingroom

My biggest problem right now is the volume of scraps and how to handle them. Sort by size? By cut? By colour? How do you sort yours? And what kind of storage spaces do you use?

And that doesn't even address the really big problem: How to actually use all those scraps!

More scrap quilts. More 'put together on the fly' quilts. A few more Dead simples. Something. ANYTHING.

Aussie Birthday Handmade Club - Part #3


*sobs into her fabric*

My recips for September and October (and November if it comes to it) will be getting nice little extras from me for my supreme and horrendous tardiness.


Let's not even go there.

Millefiori Madness

Another couple of rosettes being put together:

Slowly. Oh, so slowly... #epicmillefioriquilt

With layout:

#epicmillefioriquilt Reminding myself where the pieces go.


What's been happening to everyone else in the last couple of months? I didn't even check feedly for a while there. Would you believe my feed backed up to over 400 posts that I missed? I tried to skim through them but ended up having to go 'mark all as read' because I simply couldn't handle it all.

Hopefully there will be more and better progress in the next month. There has to be, because:

I haven't yet entered a shop where Christmas music is playing, although I'm sure it's only a matter of time. Here, we have no Thanksgiving to mitigate the horror of early-onset Christmas with its brittle tinsel and tinny music...


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  1. Love your sewing room so tidy. As for how to sort out scraps, l simple through everything in one/two tubs. If anyone has better idea, love to hear. Very impressed with your rosettes looking good, great colour combo. I entered local shopping centre three weeks ago only to be assaulted by Christmas decorations every nook and cranny. The staff in the stores were decked out as well. Way to early if you ask me, desperate for business.

  2. Love your sewing room. If you find out how to sort scraps, please let me know. Mine are every where too.

  3. The EPP is looking very ambituous but so lovely! I've got a ton of hexies and hexie flowers stashed away from at least two years ago which I should get out again sometime..


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