Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one with zippered pouches

I went on a sewing jag on the weekend, resulting in lots of finishes, which I've posted about here, but just for prettiness, I've put a few more down on this post.

I'm on a zippered pouch jag right now, so:

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Well, maybe it's a bag jag?

Quilting catch up!

And this is a little zippered pouch that will certainly stand out in any group of modern sewists!

WIP Wednesday

Anyway, with the weekend and these finishes here, my only outstanding gift exchange stuff for 2014 is the Friendship Supernova, which has another three blocks to go. (Technically six, since I'm making three for me and three for her.) I'll worry about January's birthday gift after Christmas!


starry starry night

Another block - better than the last - not so monolithically coloured, but still a little too same-same. Haven't worked out how to get the colours suitably contrasting.

WIP Wednesday

And I redid a block that I didn't like, but couldn't do that much for it:

WIP Wednesday

I still don't know what I'm going to do with these.

millefiori madness

More work on the train. Not a lot, though.

WIP Wednesday

List of WIPs

I thought that, as part of the organising end of the move, I would do the 'Summer Organising Series' from over at A Quilting Life. And on Day 2, you're supposed to list your WIPs.

- millefiori madness
- Build Me Up Buttercup (requires borders)
- Expanding Horizons (around the world quilt - the old one) (requires borders)
- supernova friendship block quilt (blocks)
- batik log cabin blocks (blocks)
- 2 Camille Roskelley block quilts (pieces cut)
- snowflake quilt (blocks)
- Valley of the Kings (blocks)
- Swarm (blocks)
- Starry Starry Night (foundation paper piecing)
- Rainbow Selvages (foundation block selvages)
- Patchwork Hearts (cushions)

...I seem to have quite a few more than I realised.

Aim for this year: get through at least half of these. Preferably all, but I have some major scraps to get through, too. (InstaScrap QAL anyone? I'll get a post going in December, ready for a kickoff in January!)

How are your WIPs going? Linked up to one of the linky posts of the week?

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  1. Hello, I found your blog through your snowflake tutorial (which I'll try someday!) and saw you do WIP Wednesdays, so I thought I might give it a go too. :) I've skimmed through quite a bit of your blog (I was hunting for posts about your fab Eternity quilt) and really enjoyed reading about all your projects! I'm especially fascinated by the Millefiori Madness, it looks so deliciously fiddly but it seems to be coming together really well.


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