Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one with the Spirity of Christmas Busy

Not much time to blog today, so lots of pics.


Baby Bag #1

For friends who've just had twins! This one is blue on the outside and pink on the inside, and the other one will be pink on the outside and blue on the inside.

WIP Wednesday

They're savvy about the stupidity of our society's tendency to gender stereotype, so they'll appreciate the humour of it!

WIP Wednesday

Pattern is The Divided Organiser Bucket by The Busy Bean. My only recommendation for the pattern is to make the holding loops longer for a better!

Box Pouches for friends

Went to visit a friend in Ballarat with two sons. Made a some boxed pouches for them to keep things in.

I was told they like pirates.

WIP Wednesday

So pirates they have!

Tula Pink, City 100 blocks

For the Sydney Modern Quilt Group (we're not a guild anymore) 2015 Group Quilt. (What a mouthful!)

I got the pink column with 11 blocks, gradating from dark pink down the bottom, to pale pink at the top.

First five:

WIP WednesdayWIP WednesdayWIP Wednesday
WIP WednesdayWIP Wednesday

And all together:
WIP Wednesday

And then the lighter ones:
WIP Wednesday

These blocks go together pretty fast. That was 11 blocks in about 6-8 hours. You could knock the whole thing over in a week if you knew what fabrics/colours you were going to use.

There'll be a sewing day in December sometime, to put the blocks together. And then Penny Poppleton will be quilting it on her frame.


Did you know there's a Tumblr (like a blog, only busier and less chatty) for Things That Fit Perfectly Into Other Things?

This doesn't fit Perfectly, maybe, but it was pretty neat!

Suitcase, cutting mat, sewing ruler!

WIP Wednesday

And inside...scraps!

WIP Wednesday

Lots and lots of scraps. (This is just a few.)

2015 is going to be The Year Of The Scrap Quilt for me. To which end I'm cutting up my scraps into more manageable pieces.

WIP Wednesday

Starting with an InstaScrapQAL to kick off in January!

Happy Mail!

It was a week for happymail. My Aussie Christmas Swap arrived, featuring a Hazel-the-Hedgehog pillow cover, an adorable bag, chocolate, washi tape, a spool of Aurifil, an FQ of C+S basics, and a santa cookie tin. Thank you @joworimakes - it's beautiful!

WIP Wednesday

And then my Black Friday order from Fat Quarter Shop arrived, too! Kona White, Far Far Away Unicorns (for backing), and some more C+S Basics.

WIP Wednesday


Christmas Gifts

Stepbrother The Elder got a quilt when he got married. Stepbrother The Younger hasn't gotten married yet, but everyone else in the family has a quilt, so I figure he should get one, too. And my sisters both have quilts and they're not married. I have LOTS of quilts and no marriage. (I'm not sure what I'm saying here. Maybe I should just stop)

Anyway, I'm doing a Dead Simple Quilt with a palette that I set aside several years ago and have never used. Steely greys, browns, tan/golds. Maybe a dash of blue in there to give it oomph. I was hoping to get it done this week so I could quilt it on Saturday at Kim's, but then work turned up with actual work and the free days I thought I had have vanished.

I could do it, but it would get REALLY tight.

Which has also affected my plans for the gardening I was going to do this week. Although I'm still frantically making compost heaps.

Anyway, The Dead Simple Stepbro Quilt (that sounds bad; I need a better name!) is a priority.

- the bags for the girl-cousins (the boy cousins have keystraps I bought from a stall at the local markets on the weekend),
- the boxed pouches for the baby cousins (children of two of our cousins)
- the compactible shopping bags for the aunts/uncles/random peoples who require gifts this season

Yes, yes, I am crazy.

How are you going with your WIPs? Are you as busy as me? Are you busier? o.O

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