Thursday, December 18, 2014

Festive Mug Rug Swap: Storm Under Teacup

Me and Last Minute Things.

Like the #instagram Festive Mug Rug Swap.

Based on my swapee's likes, I went for the "storm under sea" pattern, with a touch of Mendocino. Sun and sea! And, you know, "storm under a teacup" because I love naming my quilting things!

Auditioning fabrics:
The colours aren't exact in the photo, but it gives you an idea. Deal or no deal?

Teeny tiny foundation paper-piecing:
#festivemugrugswap Guess I did join the fussy cutting club for this swap after all!

The realisation that you've been so busy matching up the seams, you completely missed that you had the piece oriented the wrong way around. ARGH.

Storm under a teacup


Oh phone camera, why will you not get the colour balance right? (and now comes the angsty part: how to quilt the thing!) #festivemugrugswap #stormatsea #mendocinomermaids

Oh, wait, that's just the top. *sigh*

More auditioning:
Storm under a teacup

And it was the perfect width for it! FATE!

Free-Motion Quilting. On a domestic machine. Without a stitch regulator.
#FMQ attempt without stitch regulator. 😓😛😞

Yeah, nope.

Let's go for stitch-in-the-ditch then, and leave our dreams of Angela Walter's-like FMQ for the longarms and the stitch-regulator machines:
Sewing mermaids on the train.

And even the binding on this one had to be special:
Storm under a teacup


Storm under a teacup

You know how sometimes you just get an idea in your head and it Needs Doing Just This Way? Well, this was one of those. And I'm pretty pleased with it!

The mug rugs were supposed to be sent by yesterday, so it's a day late, although hopefully not a dollar short.

I shall package it in an AusPost satchel with Many Nice Things and hope the recip likes it!


  1. Wow! This is terrific! Definitely worth an extra day's wait. :) Love your binding detail.

  2. So Pretty. I just found you from Blossom Heart Quilts. Is there a way I can subscribe via email? Thanks, Bobbi


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