Monday, June 15, 2015

to do list - June

Good Morning, Monday!

Before we get to the list, have a pic of me and my friend dressed for the popup speakeasy in Melbourne Gaol for the Festival of Phryne (Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries) on Friday night:

Popup speakeasy in Melbourne Gaol. A bit chilly! #cosplay #festivalofphryne #mfmm

Unfortunately, my SD card failed on Saturday morning and I lost a heck of a lot of other photos of us from that night - including pretty much all my photographs from the last six months, which I'd stored on the SD card in question (and didn't back up, DAMMIT).

I'm really very annoyed about that - and annoyed with myself for not backing up more often.


Anyway, here's the mid-year TO DO list. (You know what they say about aiming for nothing...)

- The Promises Of Spring
- Swarm
- Honey Honey
- French Farmhouse

- USA Hurray
- King of Bling (red letter day)
- Under The Sea (Mendocino quilt)

- Odyssea (binding)
- Darling Violetta (binding)

Aussie Handmade Birthday Club
- April
- May
- June

Yes, ambitious, I know, especially since there's really only two weeks of June to go. But it's DAMN THE TORPEDOES AND FULL SPEED AHEAD!


- Camille Roskelley 1
- Camille Roskelley 2
- Imagine Greater (Heather Ross)

Clothing (for August Round The World)
- 2 summer dresses
- 2 cotton trousers (1 elasticised ankle/waist, 1 loose ankle/elasticisted waist)

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  1. Very ambitious list. I can't wait to see them all when done.


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