Wednesday, June 24, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one with all the things I haven't done

So, that thing where I had a great long list of stuff to do? Yep, none of it is even close to being done.

Life and work and the quilt show and more work and work and ugh...


Backing for USA Hurray is on the way!

It's known the world over as #catspotting #cats #catsofinstagram

With cute cat for size comparison.

The Sydney Craft And Quilt Fair happened. I went twice - once on Wednesday and again on Saturday with a US friend who was visiting at the time.

I bought a lot of fabric - dressmaking fabric, mostly: some black-shot-green dupion that I've been hunting for years, and a lovely green-and-purple silk chiffon. Both were cheap as chips!

The far... Plus, um, some Liberty lawn. No quilting fabric yet.

And some glass beads and bag handles and Vilene/interfacing and 6m of Liberty lawn...

...the Liberty lawn will hopefully turn up in time for me to make a couple of dresses out of it - and then possibly scraps? Which I'll probably sell because I have too many scraps already.

Speaking of the Sydney Quilt Show, while I couldn't get my quilts completed for that due to a torn calf muscle, I did have a small hand in the Sydney Modern Quilt Group's 2015 group quilt:

The @sydmqg group quilt... And my row! 😄😀😊

That pink row is done by me! Including the Mendocino Mermaids!

And the arrival of a bundle of Far Far Away reminded me of a Heather Ross fabric print I'm looking for: the original Munki-Munki print gnomes in any colourway - not the Spoonflower, please. I've heard that the Spoonflower prints are not very lasting at all!

I'm looking for some more Heather Ross gnomes in any colourway, but I've heard that the spoonflower prints aren't all that lasting. Thoughts? Opinions? Do you have any gnomes? How have you found the spoonflower fabric?

If you have gnomes, please drop me a mail: seldear at yahoo dot com. I will happily swap 1:1 (or more) for original Mendocino Mermaid prints...

Oh, and while I was at the Quilt and Craft Fair, my, um, credit card slipped and now the Plain Jane Passacaglia has competition!

Yes. Yes, I did. #shush #millefiorimadness #millefioriquilt

But I'm steadily working away on the rosettes... Just not as steadily as I'd like!

That yellow looks really strong against the aquamarine... #plainjanepassacaglia

Other things

Finally, let me leave you with a laugh (well some of you, since this picture will make no sense to anyone but an Aussie, or someone who spent their young adult years in Australia):

Goon box cover, anyone.


How's your week (well, fortnight, it's been that long for me)? Gotten anything done? I'm linking up to Freshly Pieced's WIP Wednesday (as I always do).


  1. That rosette looks stunning, keep up the hard work... and please explain the box, I'm from the UK! :)

    1. Thank you! I like the simplicity of the solids (mostly) but every now and then I go looking at other rosettes and feel a little inferior. :(

      And the box is a cover for what we call "goon wine" which is basically wine in a vacuum sealed bag, (but marketed in a cardboard box). It's pretty much an exceedingly fancy cover for cheap wine. :D

  2. Hi ar very busy!! Love your quilt

    1. Hey Marjorie! I see you're pretty busy too lately! And in the garden, too!

  3. You have some wonderful projects in progress. Love the modern quilt you assisted with, and your cat makes an excellent addition to your USA Hurray quilt.

    Sadly, I can't get blogspot to work with Wordpress.

    1. Hehe. The recipient of USA Hurray would gladly take the cat with the quilt - she's a big pet person. But she's not getting Smokey - although Smokey does love my luggage...a little too well sometimes!

      Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment, even if Wordpress isn't working with Blogspot. (That's weird. You'd think they'd want cross-platform integration...)

  4. See it was so nice to finally meet you at the quilt show in Wednesday! I'm sorry we didn't get longer to chat, but you know, laryngitis made it all pretty impossible! I'm sorry you didn't get to enter your quilts - damn calf muscle! Hope it's all healed by now!

    I have had the papers for La Passacaglia for over a year and yet I still haven't started - I think I mentioned at the show that I was thinking of doing it in solids, and Jenn mentioned you were too. So glad I've seen this photo! It's gorgeous!

    1. It was wonderful to meet you, too! (Laryngitis and all.)

      Thanks for asking after the calf: yes, it's getting better. Still aches a bit when I push it - it's been aching a lot since I'm trying to get my fitness back for the sport that caused the injury in the first place!

      It's a little daunting to be doing it in solids when so many others are so firmly "prints and fussy cutting" - and it does look spectacular like that. But I kind of wanted to showcase the tiles as a whole - and to use up the Reece Scannell shot cottons I've had lying around for forever!

  5. I won't let myself look at Passacaglia until I finish my current hand piecing project which has taken years so far. If I start another I'll never finish the first! I love the cat with the US quilt. Very cute.

    1. Ooh, yeah, that's what I'm telling myself about the new Millefiori Quilt I have my eye on! We'll see how that pans out, then... (If I do Plain Jane regularly, then I can have it done by the end of the year. Really! Possibly?)

      My cats love the USA Hurray quilt. (Or, really, any of my quilts.)

  6. Love USA Hurray! Hourglass blocks are so fabulous. So will take a guess and it is beer on tap? I'm from Canada eh!

    1. Thank you! And you're close! It's "wine in a bag" - marketed and sold in a cardboard box. We call it "goon" around here, and this is basically a really fancy cover for a cask of cheap wine!

  7. Ooooh, is that a plain La Passacaglia (which I can't spell)? that's an interesting twist...

    1. Yes, it is a Plain La Passacaglia. (You spelled it fine so far as I can tell!) Hence the name "Plain Jane".

      The first few were fussy-cut and so most people are fussy-cutting them, albeit with some spectacular results. I thought I'd go for the simpler option - less movement, more emphasis on the paper piecing shapes and (ultimately) the quilting...

  8. There's nothing better than finding exactly what you were looking for... especially when it's a bargain!

    I really like your pink row... what a valuable piece of HR fabric to give up. Oh, I'm so sorry about Spoonflower since I just order a couple HR fabrics, but I'm still crossing my fingers that they will last.

    Greetings from Germany!

    1. I used a piece of the dark green dupion in my Year 11 (second-last year at school) Visual Arts major work out of a bag of fabric scraps, loved it, and could never find it again! So to find a bolt of the stuff at pretty much the cheapest fabric gets around here...

      Well, it does look rather pretty as fabrics go. :)

      Ooh, I hope the prints last for you! They may have gotten better - the reports I had were from the earlier prints, back when they first started getting big.

      I have a friend from Australia who's currently visiting Germany. Or possibly will be in a month. I forget exactly which. :)

  9. Wow - that really is a large quilt! It's going to be neat. And the rosette - I handn't realize how large those are, either. Very cool. My own quilt work has suffered miserably for 2 months because of wedding prep and all, but it was good and right for it to take back seat at such a time. :) Getting back into the swing of it all now, though!!


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