Wednesday, June 10, 2015

WIP: the one with 1920s fashion

So, I have been doing almost no quilting this week - just a little handsewing and dressmaking.


Millefiori Madness

One more rosette complete!

WIP Wednesday - June

Still a ridiculous number to go...

WIP Wednesday - June

It would probably be better if I did it every time I stepped on a train. But i'm not stepping on trains quite so often lately...

Other things

I have a friend who is hugely into the Miss Fisher Mysteries - a TV series set in 1920s Melbourne, and made in Australia. With looooovely costumes.

A number of events are taking place for fans of this show during June, including a Popup Speakeasy in Melbourne Gaol, several walking tours around the city, afternoon teas, and a dinner with one of the actors - Miss Fisher's Butler.

My friend figured that since I was down here and the costume tour was down here, she'd make the trip from the US, and so on Friday night we're going to the Popup Speakeasy in Melbourne. Appropriately dressed. (Well, as appropriately as one can given it's midwinter in Melbourne and 2015.)

I purchased two patterns from Ageless Patterns 1920s clothing patterns - the Monte Carlo dress, and the Paris Promenade dress - and have spent the last week or so umming and aahing about making them. I've finished the Monte Carlo dress and am working on a wrap for it.

WIP Wednesday - June

We'll see about the Paris Promenade dress - TBH, I'm wondering if I could get away with doing it in cotton instead, as a kind of afternoon tea dress... :)

But here's me in the Monte Carlo, with a few accoutrements:

WIP Wednesday - June

The hair will have to be different, of course - I think I'm going to do a Gibson Tuck, although it might take an army of bobby pins and a lot of hairspray to get it to sit properly. My hair is coarse and thick and doesn't play nicely with about 90% of pretty Pinterest how-to-do-your-hair tutorials...


Still thinking about what I'm going to be doing re: patchwork quilting in the coming weeks. It takes a lot of effort...

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  1. Good luck with all your rosettes. I just started the pattern on the cover of Millefiori II, on the bus. Now it looks like the time to travel to work is not long enough.

  2. WOW! Fabulous dress! That colour is so lush. Loving seeing your rosettes come together - I love that yours is so strikingly different. Hope you're kicking butts and taking names this week! :)

  3. Your dress looks fantabulous, I hope the weather gets a little bit warmer for when you wear it. The Gibson Tuck is fairly easy to do, I used to do the very same thing with my long hair when I was in the RNZAF, (although I didn't know that was what that particular style was called back then) I think you will find your hair easier to style if you have washed it a day or so before you need to put it up, apparently clean hair slips and slides too much.

  4. Oh I love that dress! Love that rich colour. That Millefiori piece is out of this world!


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