Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday (again)!

A highly unproductive week in the end. I did a few bits and pieces, but nothing that amounts to much of a WIP Wednesday.

Done this week

Scrap Attack: Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

(I swear, my names for these quilts varies according to mood and/or what I remember to call it...)

squared up scrap blocks

Don't they look awesome all squared up? I had to make them 4.25" because they wouldn't neatly square up to 4.5" and I'd rather have them all neatly square and the same size.

I also ironed out some HSTs that were my handsewing project for most of last year before I went on to the Drunkard's Path blocks. They might do as a border around the edge?

And the squared-up blocks laid out:

scrap attack squared layout

I think I'm going to have to go through the blocks and try to make sure that the directional blocks all face the same direction.

Then it's just a matter of sewing it all together.

Floating Wildflowers

I've started piecing the back, using the leftover charm squares and making a small section in the Plus Quilt Layout (tutorial by Jeni of In Color Order:

floating wildflowers back

It's not very bright or contrast-y, but they were what I had left over.

There'll be another section that's in a Jelly Roll Race, but I only sewed the jelly roll strips together in prep for that.

There's not enough leftover charm squares or jelly rolls to back it, let alone bind it, so I've had to order more Wildflower Serenade II fabric (and while I was at it, I went and got some Kansas Winter and Harmony to match the fabric sets I have of those collections - many birds, one stone).

It's going to be tight to finish this before the 17th April. Real tight.

No Movement
Disappearing Harvest - binding!

New York Beauty QAL - have papers, have fabric, haven't time/organisation/space.

Paper Pieced Stars: The Starry Night - haven't touched it.

The link party post is up! Go forth, seek, and comment!


  1. Love your scrap attack and the name is awesome!

  2. Great scrap attack, and the name made me laugh!

  3. Love your scrap attack project! And your quilt names - I haven't really gotten into that, but I need to!

  4. Both are wonderfu.!! But I really love Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner...the layout is great and love the colors

  5. Tee hee - I love your quilt names. Simply fabulous- and it looks great, too! :)

  6. Your scrap attack looks great!

  7. Just love the scrap attack quilt!

  8. Your scrap attack quilt is awesome! (and so is the name...)

  9. I love your scrappy quilt.
    I see a lot more of them in my future, especially since most of my fabric is bought at yard sales and second hand stores.

  10. Your scrap attack quilt looks so great! I love the colors


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