Monday, March 26, 2012

Scrap Attack QAL: Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

"Things are gonna get a little interesting around here..."
"Define 'interesting'."
"Oh God, Oh God, we're all gonna die?"

Wash & Mal, Serenity

So, spent yesterday afternoon watching episodes of Castle, Sherlock, and Lost Girl, and sewing 'Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner' together.

Sherlock is actually really very difficult to watch while sewing - there's a lot of visual stuff on the screen which you have to keep an eye on. Castle is easy to watch and Lost Girl nearly as simple.

But you don't want to hear about my fannish viewing habits. You've come for my Scrap Attack quilt!

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner (a.k.a. NPBITC or "no problem, bitches!") is nearly done!

Scrap Attack 2

It's very...scrappy. Which is the intention, I know, only I'm not used to this kind of scrappiness in my quilts - they usually look a lot more organised and colour co-ordinated!

It's not a bad look, it just takes some getting used to.

Scrap Attack: down and dirty

It is rather fun playing 'I Spy' with the fabrics though. "That's Terrain and that's Odyssea and that's Swoon and that's Central Park..."

It needs a border. I just have to decide what. I'm thinking one wide plain one in creams/whites, and one thin one composed of scrappy HSTs.

And then I have to sew it all together. Before the 28th.

It may not be interesting to the level of "oh God, Oh God, we're all gonna die" but it will certainly be 'interesting' for me!


  1. It's truly beautiful....I love this quilt pattern

  2. Oh I like it alot! Hadn't seen this particular pattern - very cool.

  3. WOW!!! That has turned out so beautifully!


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