Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Modern Quilts with Traditional Fabrics?

Is it possible to do Modern quilting with Traditional fabrics?

Or does the fabric chosen for a given project necessarily feed into the definition of modern vs. traditional?

tradit fabric, modern quilting?

The plan for my friend's wedding quilt was to develop an abstract look: the floating dark squares in the yellowish background. (What colour is that, anyway. Mustard? I always thought mustard would be more green or more brown...)

Simone's Floating Flowers

There was much angst and worry over cutting the jelly roll up - would I have enough? What if I didn't - where would I find enough fabric to make up the difference?

I made 81 blocks for a 9x9 quilt...only to discover that I didn't have quite enough fabric for the last block and had to piece together some ends...

Only, as it turned out, I'd made 91 squares. *facepalm*

So the quilt is now 9x10 blocks.

Floating Wildflowers

And in the process of putting blocks together, sometimes you do something amazing:
Perfectly lined up by accident...

I swear, I couldn't have done that if I tried!


  1. Nice!! so funny about the matching...

  2. It looks great. That is amazing how the fabrics matched up. If I did that I would probably have to frame it and stick it on my wall with a date knowing I would probably never do it again. LOL


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