Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You've Got Mail! (*bing*)

Our Book Depository, which art in the UK,
Hallowed be thy name,
Thy shipping free o'er land or sea,
In Australia as it is in England.
Give us today our daily mail,
And judge not our purchases,
As we judge you not for charging our card.
And lead us not into the path of exorbitant postage,
But deliver us free packages.
For the ISBN, the barcode, and the pricetag are yours,
Now and forever,

quilting books!!!

Don't you love it when you get mail?

And finally finally finally I can start on my March block for the Modern Books And Blocks Bee which has been stalled for a lack of instruction manual (argh grargh yarg).

Yes, I got the Farmer's Wife Sampler book. I might use it as a doorstop. [KIDDING] We shall see what can be done with it. Once I wrangle those damn one-pattern-piece-per-page pages into some modicum of environmental friendliness.

But I'd like to do something with it like this dear jane quilt (2nd quilt down here if you want to look at the collection of quilts documented in the blogpost)

And the 50 Paper Pieced Stars.

*sigh* So many projects, so little time...

I bought two fiction books at the same time as these - Angels of Darkness (compendium, Nalini Singh, Ilona Andrews, and Meljean Brooks), and Heart of Steel (Meljean Brooks).

Book Depository is great for purchasing books these days. Free shipping! There's no quilt shop in the world will offer you that. Unless you know the proprieter and she's coming by for dinner on Saturday. Different kettle of chips.

Amazon may be wonderful if you're in the US, but in Australia I end up paying more for Amazon's shipping than I do for the books themselves. There's something intrinsically wrong with that.

Strangely, all got delivered in separate packages instead of one big one.

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