Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hump Day Handover!

Why yes, I do believe it's Wednesday once more!

HUZZAH! (ie. finished)

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner (a.k.a. "Scrap Attack Quilt", "No Problem, Bitches!" - NPBITC) is done!

Scrap Attack: Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

It's laid out on what space there is on the lounge room floor and I can't stop staring at it. It looks pretty good, don't you think?

But that border!

There was angst. Angst, and HSTs. And HSTs. And more HSTs. And still more HSTs! I was practically drowning in them. But I got them sewed, snipped the corners, pressed them, and then sewed them in long chains of flying geese...

eta: After I posted this, I hassled the stepdad to hold it up for a better pic:
Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner!

Most of them came from the Supernova Quilt Along I did last year - those itty bitty corners that got cut off and which I started hand-sewing before I got into making Drunkards Path blocks.

Now I just machine sew them. Faster, neater, more convenient.

...and that's about all I've done this week!

Except receive mail:
quilting books!!!

At least now I can really get into the Books And Bees Block Party!


Floating Wildflowers: having all kinds of trouble getting the yardage for the backing. I haven't heard back from the shop I found on the internet at all...

Disappearing Square Harvest: Binding. Uh, yeah... *shifty eyes*


Birthday Blocks: There were three for march and I haven't managed to do any of them, although I've let the people know it'll be late.

Books And Bees Block: I owe at least one block (she's been notified of my tardiness) and April is swiftly soaring in. (OMG. It's APRIL??)

Commission - Baby Quilts: a friend of mine asked me to make a couple of baby quilts for her niece and nephew who are to be born in May-June this year. We've done the fabric shopping already, and now it's just the putting together! Which, of course, is the tricky part!

Baby quilts

Festival of HSTs:
From leftovers of the HSTs I used above. I seem to have HUNDREDS of the damn things - all of them from making this Supernova quilt last year:
They are cut, they are bright and pretty, and I still have a whole bunch to sew together! So I have plenty of stuff to work with for the HST Festival!

New York Beauty: I want to do this. I really really do. But I don't really have the space or time right now. And I'm intimidated by the so-beautiful work of others!

And the kittehs say "hi!" Well, one kitteh says hi.

You all know Maladicta, right?
Mal checks out the fabric

Now that my random yardage has the Mal buttstamp of approval, it is acceptable to snooze upon!

acceptable...for snoozing!

Ah, cats!

So shall we take a squiz at what other people have been doing this week over at WIP Wednesday?


  1. Your scrap attack quilt is just beautiful!! The border just makes the quilt!

  2. I love the scrap attack quilt. I look forward to seeing what you plan to do with your HSTs for the festival

  3. Really loving your scrap attack quilt & certainly don't envy you the HST border :)

  4. Wow, just wow! That quilt turned out amazing! Great job!

  5. That quilt is a whole lot of gorgeousness! I don't envy the HSTs...but wow, that's gotta be worth it!

  6. Your scrap quilt is a hst work of art - love it!

  7. Your finished quilt top is really beautiful! The border is perfect for it!

  8. Your scrap atatack quilt looks awesome. Love the colors and the border is fantastic!

  9. Your scrap attack quilt looks amazing! I am so excited to see what it submitted to the Festival of HSTs! I am obsessed with them right now. And for once I will have a quilt finish at the perfect time to submit something myself!

  10. I had that Carol Doak book years ago, but I lent it out and it never came back. It was a good one! Glad your quilt is done! ANy idea how you'll quilt it?

  11. Hi , i hopped over from WIP Wednesday, your scrap sttack quilt looks great! :o)

  12. WOW. Just wow. lol! The quilt is absolutely stunning! If you can't find anywhere for it, let me know and i'll make room here. ;)

  13. oh wow - your scrap quilt is wonderful! And I loved seeing your Supernova!


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