Monday, July 15, 2013

Buttercup Beermats for a BIrthday!

I've had these HST cutoffs for at least a year, possibly more. Ever since I made the quilt top 'Build Me Up Buttercup!' (Yes, earworm. I apologise!)

Cutoff coasters

Finally got around to collecting them together, squaring them up, and setting them out. And a friend's 30th Birthday was the perfect opportunity to get them done!

Pieced, backed, quilted.

I settled on a pattern of off-centre concentric squares because I liked the look better than the 'coil' for something this small, and the quilting is simply stitch-in-the-ditch.


They're backed with medium-weight interfacing to give them a bit of stiffness, but they should be quite washable.

In use.

And they look so pretty with the black-and-white dishware!

I still have a heap of these HSTs, so I guess another set will be forthcoming - perhaps with a slightly different layout or quilting design, and maybe with a set of placemats to match? We'll see.



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