Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WIP Wednesday: the one with beermats and baklava


Buttercup Beermats

I spent pretty much the better part of Saturday getting these done. I'm not sure that I like the black edging so much, but the friend I gifted them to loved them. So all's well that sews decently!

In use.

The design is pretty enough that I'll probably make more of these - and maybe a matching set of placemats to go with?

Finished! Pretty coaster set of eight.

Ultimately, I'm very pleased with how bright and cheerful they turned out!


USA Hurray!

Lots of HSTs. Lots and lots and lots of HSTs. And I haven't even gotten around to turning them into Broken Dishes! The trimming down is going to be slightly nightmarish, I think...

HSTs  set in broken dishes

I'm not sure I'm going to have time to finish, quilt, and bind this before I go away on holiday and gift it to a friend I've been staying with while on most of my US trips. But I'm damn well going to try!

Other Things

I made Pomegranate Baklava and it was pretty amazing.


Recipe post is soon to come.


Warning, there are crazy amounts of butter and sugar in this; it is not 'healthy' by the standards of any nutritionist, dietician, or medical quack in the known universe!

However, I firmly believe that taking pleasure in food is an important part of food consumption - not eating a whole pan of these, but having one square slowly and pleasurably, and with great mindfulness and sensual enjoyment! I recommend with a big glass of milk or water (or tea or coffee if that's your preferred beverage).

quilted quilts

I'm due to receive a couple of these back later this week - and I have a whole bunch more to send off to the quilter! Wait for pretty pictures!


Are any of you on Instagram? I tend to post more pics of my WIPs (and my cats, and my food, and panoramas) there as seldear so if any of you guys would like to come by and check me out - I rather enjoy flicking through to see what other people have done!


What have you been doing this week? Have you linked up at Freshly Pieced?


  1. Great little coasters. I have a few gifts to make and I should consider making some beermats myself! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your friend is very lucky to get such a beautiful present!
    Your baklava looks very tasty!

  3. Love Baklava!! I haven't tried Pomegranate though,very interesting:)

    Such bright and welcoming coasters;)

  4. Beautiful stuff so far and I love the red white and blue HSTs :) That baklava looks amazing! I have not heard of flavored ones before. I started following you on IG, my user name there is tanyiadeskins if you want to follow me as well.

    I am stopping by from the WIP hop, my post is here if you have time to stop by :)

  5. Those aren't coasters, they're mini-quilts! I love them.


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