Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WIP Wednesday: the one with red, white, and blue

back from the quilter!

Aunty's Quilt

Front, with Smokey:

Aunt's quilt with cat


Aunt's quilt back

The Half-Square Harvest

Front, with Mal:

Harvest HSTs


Harvest HSTs back


USA Hurray!

Got all the HSTs sewn together and cut at the Sit 'N Sew for the Sydney MQG meet on Saturday - I love hanging with my sewing gals! (For more details of the day, check out the post on the Sydney MQG website!)

USA hurray

Big pile here.

USA hurray: HSTs

Cut and pressed, and ready to be turned into hourglasses, just as soon as I have the time...

USA Hurray HSTs to Hourglass

Wonky Farm

Getting the nine-patches together:


Laying out some of the blocks:

Wonky Farm Star Blocks

other things

Kona Stash

Ordering my Kona Stash by colour card:

Kona Colour Matching

Kona Colour Matching

Kona Colour Matching

I'm not convinced that all the colours are correct - there are a few shades that just seem marginally 'off'. Very annoying.

Otherwise my quilting life has been fairly quiet since work has been ramping up again. I'm going to have to finish 'USA Hurray' and 'Wonky Farm' before I go off to the US, though!

What have you been doing this week?


  1. Gosh - you're very busy! Good luck getting all your lovely projects done.

  2. I really love those bright little star blocks. They are so cheerful and will make for a lovely quilt!

  3. I like the cheerful look of your wonky farm quilt. Good luck in getting everything done in time.

  4. Those wonky stars and nine-patch are looking great! Thanks for sharing about your Kona problem. I have often wondered about those colour cards. Annoying is not good. Hope you can get past the problem and still come up with a fabulous quilt!


  5. I've felt the same way about some of my kona colors/color card. I figured it was just me, but I'm glad to know that it isn't.

  6. I love how all your Konas look laid out - incredible! You have such a great range! The star blocks are just so gorgeous and fun, as well :)

  7. Ooooh, so much lovely Kona.. I'm jealous. :)


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