Friday, July 12, 2013

Food: Pomegranate Baklava

I found this dessert in the book The Lost Recipe For Happiness by Barbara O'Neal. It's a work of fiction, but all through the book are recipes menioned in the story.

The story's pretty good - very evocative and sensuous and a little bit haunted.

This one is created the night the heroine challenges her rival to a cookoff - a three course meal with entree, main, dessert. The prize is the position of 'head chef' in the restaurant they're both working at.


The pomegranate baklava recipe is actually her rival's creation, and it wins the competition for 'best individual dish', although she wins the overall menu.

Having made this, I can see why!

May I suggest you don't read this book while hungry? It's full of delicious things that make me want to fly immediately into the US to get all these foods that you don't get in Australia. (Of course, once I'm in the US, I always want delicious things from Australia that are hard to get over in the US. Like Vegemite on toast. Australian toast, not that cakey thing Americans call toast.)


There'll be a full post with the recipe later - I've decided to make it a second time this weekend now that I know what it entails.

Finally, I've changed the header on my blog, because I've been staring at the old header for a couple of years and all I can see is the imperfections. This is a little better, I think.

What do you think?


  1. Yum!

    Will you make some Vegemite on Australian toast so we can see? ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, I can't wait for the recipe! I have filo dough in my freezer just waiting to be used!


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