Monday, February 14, 2011

life went crazy; so did the rail fence

So, my life the last couple of weeks has been kind of crazy.

My little kitty - fur-shedder, despoiler of quilt layouts, and all-around general dark matter on any quilting project I happen to be working on - got really really sick, resulting in a complete loss of appetite and a weight loss of 0.5kg. Which, in a cat who weighed only 3.5kg to begin with is a lot of weight.

For a while, I was worried that she'd never sit on one of my quilts again.

In and out of vets, appointments, blood tests, and medications later, she's stable and healthy and kicking like crazy. Hates medication like a big hater-y thing.

And is quite happy to flop down on mummy's current projects. Which mummy does not mind at all right now.

Current project: The Rail Fence In Abstraction

Starting with the fabrics:

Cut into strips:

Then strip-sewn into rows and cut into blocks. (I don't think I have pics of this section of the process.)

A test layout of the blocks, just to get an idea of how it would look:

I decided against doing your standard tri- or quad-colour layout, and instead went for something a little more complicated:

And the final pic of the top cometh tonight after I've ironed out the seams. I'm not 100% happy with it - those big chunks of solid in the middle of the quilt are bothering me but I'm not minded to rip the whole thing up and redo.

I'd lay it out slightly differently next time, I think.

Next project: my entry for the Moda Jelly Roll competition.

And then the Sanctuary quilt for Agam Darshi, which is probably going to be a long and painstaking quilt to put together...

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  1. very nice, thank you for showing how ya made it.


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