Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sanctuary Fabric collection!

The Sanctuary collected by Patty Young has arrived! And it is beautiful!

Stacked up.

Fanned out. (I suck at fabric porn, I know.)

I admit, I was expecting a warmer yellow than we got, but it's a nice cool contrast in the midst of it all.

This fabric is definitely going towards a quilt for Agam Darshi (Kate Freelander in Sanctuary).

Now to pick the quilt type for it! I'm thinking of the kaleidoscope block done up here as World In Stitches' 'Under The Sea' quilt. I want that flow and meld of patterns from one block to the next, with the choice of colours emphasising the circular patterns than on the square block itself.

I also received two Moda Jelly Rolls with the Sanctuary collection: Central Park and the Bella Solids in Snow. They're being used to create a quilt for the Jelly Roll Dream competition. Although I've started making my blocks and I'm not entirely sure I like the colour choices. It feels too light (and sunny), while the other one of this quilt type that I made had more oomph.

Well, we'll wait until we're done. It'll be nicely dramatic, and I have a recipient already in mind for it.

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