Thursday, March 31, 2011

binding and finishing

Bah. I just recalled that I have four quilts to bind and finish. Three of them are wedding quilts, between 18 months and 6 months late. And I have to get a move on with them!!

Dang and bother and blast and...

I admit, I dislike the binding and finishing part of quilting - not the result, which is always a quilt that makes me want to quilt-nap it - but the actual process of hand-sewing the binding together. My brain keeps telling me about all the things I could be doing instead of sitting here, creating callouses on my middle finger from pushing the needle through the fabric.

How do you guys reading this manage to do your binding and finishing? Do you watch a movie or a tv show while sewing? Do you listen to music? Is it peace-and-quiet time for you, or do you think of it as 'dead time' - time when you could be cleaning the kitchen, or sorting through your wardrobe, or reading a book?


  1. I watch shows like Clean Sweep. The activity of sewing provides a physical outlet for my urge to get up and clean every time I see those cluttered homes! I like to bind during shows that I watch with my husband as well. It keeps my brain occupied while I stitch.

  2. I like to stitch my binding down while I watch t.v. NOT when nascar is on.. I don't want to miss any action.if only I could bind that fast.

  3. I used to hate finishing the binding, but now I kind of love it. I pour myself a glass of wine and put on brainless TV that I don't normally have time for - house shows and reality shows and stuff like that. Just sitting on the couch is a luxury for me these days, so the chance to just sit and veg while still making some progress on something is always appreciated. : )

  4. I often just do the binding sitting quietly on my own. It is like a break from all those nagging thing - the binding needs to be done, it takes time and patience and I get to just sit and do it. By the time I am at the binding I am eager to be done and wash the quilt so that helps to motivate me too.

  5. Movies or TV shows on DVD with no commercials!, books on CD. Mind you, I have only bound 2 quilts so my experience is limited. :)


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