Saturday, April 2, 2011

First On the 1st April?

Okay, well, it's not the 1st anymore.


Oh well. I'll only do this once: this is the first quilt (one of two) I made for my sisters' 21st birthdays. (They're twins.) They received them when they turned...oh...about 26.

I was brand new to quilting, and everything I knew about quilting had been imparted to me from my aunt, who did some beautiful show quilts back while her children were in school.

Well, I had to start it it started there.

She explained about cutting with a board and a roller cutter, how to sew the strips together to make a tube, and then how to cut the tube into further strips, and unpick at a different seam each time so the pattern emerged when the strips were sewn together.

I quilted this quilt myself, mostly because I didn't know that there were people who'd do the quilting for me. It's straight lines (zig zags) because that's all I could do on the sewing machine I had at the time!

So it's a very simple quilt. But they were started, oh, some 15 years ago now, and my sisters still have their on their spare beds. :)

I really should look at making them new ones...

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  1. The colors in the quilt are nice. I am glad your sister still has it, that is nice. When I started I had no one to help me, I only had the library and a lot of books, then I found Eleanor Burns...and that was all it took.


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