Tuesday, March 29, 2011

thoughts and more thoughts

So, I spent a chunk of the weekend cutting and sorting for the Supernova Quilt-Along, and am debating the relative wisdom of increasing the quilt 'stars' to 16 blocks instead of 9 blocks. I like large quilts and I think I have the fabric for it, so...now it's just a question of making the adjustments appropriate for the borders.

And, uh, finding the time.

April is going to be One Of Those Months. The Winter Hockey Season has just begun, so I have a game on Sunday (open competition), a game on Monday (veterans' competition), and training on Tuesdays. I also decided that I would attempt Script Frenzy this year, in which I attempt to write 100 pages of script in the 30 days of April.

I have two short stories due in April - 1000 word minimums, then one short story due in the first week of May - 2000 word minimum. And I've offered to help with a guidebook for newbies to online interests that a friend is compiling.

Plus there's still that Sanctuary Kaleidoscope sucking floorspace in the lounge room, and which I'll need to have laid out and either sewn or sorted out by the time I fly out to Europe on the 6th May...


Away from the 'why do I overbook myself like this' front and back to the quilting front, I've decided I need more solid fabrics. All these lovely quilters around me are doing wonderful, beautiful things with solids and patterns and I have lots and lots of patterns...but nary a solid in sight!


  1. Holy cow, I didn't realize you were doing 16 blocks instead of 9! Well, if you don't stay caught up with the rest of us, it really isn't a problem - just take your time, take it one block at a time, and I'm sure it will come out great. : )

  2. We'll see how it goes. Slow and steady, I think - one at a time!


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