Monday, April 9, 2012

Festival of HSTs

I've changed my tack on this: instead of one small quilt (which would have an impressive number of HSTs to it) I'm going to make several small projects.

1. a cover for my Sony Reader, which has been slotted (quite comfortably) into a purse I bought while in Paris last year. It's time it had it's own casing.

HST festival: reader cover

HST festival: reader cover

2. A zippered pouch of some type, kind, or description for keeping knick-knacks from my sewing space in. Or perhaps a pencil case. Something useful for organising. And which doesn't have to look too nice and co-ordinated, because it's gonna get scrappy!

3. Something else with these:

hst festival: Japanese themed HSTs

These were left over from Mum's Impstar (which is presently out at the quilters'), and they're lovely and elegant and teeny-tiny!

I'd actually ike to make a full quilt with these: but I suspect it would only ever manage to be a mini, because I don't have quite enough HSTs! And I can't think of any other options... Heat pads? Mug rugs? Placemats? Cushions?

The fabric seems entirely too nice to be using it for something that's going to get splattered with food and drink.

Maybe I could collect enough of them together to make a bag? Or a laptop case? Something?

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