Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh Wednesday, how fast you come!

Not much done this week - I think finishing the Scrap Attack took a lot out of me.

I'll have plenty of time for quilting this weekend since it's the Easter (extra-long) weekend in Australia - Friday through Monday is a general office holiday, and Friday and Sunday are public holidays (most shops are shut). It's perhaps a little ironic that such an irreligious country should have such clusters of public holidays around the chief festivals of the Christian faith...but I am not exactly complaining!

And there's a Southern Cross Quilters meet this weekend! Huzzah!

I'm thinking of seeing if I can make the Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City this year. Hopefully I'll have a job and can take a week off to get over would be wonderful fun, I think!

Central Park Boxes
central park boxes

It only took me a year to get it all quilted after the top was finished! Thirroul Custom Quilting comes through again!

The backing is just a cream fabric. The quilting pattern is a lovely swirls-and-bubbles one from Joanne's collection of options.

That's the kitchen (in the midst of renovations), and that's one of the kittehs. In a minute, she'll discover my foot is behind that corner and about to give her a nudge in the nose!

Floating Wildflowers is off to the quilters. I gave up trying to match the backing to the front fabrics, because it was a complete horror trying to find the fabric line and getting someone to deliver to Australia. Ah well. I'll be better prepared next time!

I found some very nice fabric over at Killara Village Quilts - on sale, no less...and unexpectedly bumped into one of the Sydney Southern Cross Quilters working there!

Baby Quilts

My first commission: I'm making two of these for a friend who's got a new niece and a new nephew due in May.

I've only just started cutting and laying out the first one.

commissioned baby quilt #1

The other one is much the same, only the panels are more of a minty-green, and the accompanying fabrics are accordingly different colours and patterns.

Festival of HSTs

I seem to have a lot of HSTs that I've been saving for a rainy day, so this is an excellent opportunity to use them!

Leftover from my first attempt at a Jacob's Ladder quilt are these red and gold HSTs.

I laid them out in a basic broken dishes pattern.
Broken dishes

Not sure that this is what I want to do with them, though. There's not really enough for a decent sized quilt. And I like my quilts to be 'decent sized' by which I mean, they'll at least fit on an adult bed. (Unless someone wants a cot quilt.)

So I'll think about this a little longer.

I had a bunch of HSTs left over from the Supernova quilt and the border of my Scrap Attack:
HST pile

And there's still a lot of those to sew and press - not just from the Supernova, but other off-cuts, too:
HST festival: unfinished

But mostly what's bothering me is the layout.
HST festival: star layout

HST festival: chevrons layout

Basic diamonds?
HST festival: diamonds layout

Or Funky?
HST festival(Although I think the quilt is supposed to be...75% HSTs? So this last one doesn't quite fit the bill...)

No Progress
Still nothing on:
- Birthday Blocks
- Books and Blocks Bee
- New York Beauty
- Disappearing Harvest Squares (needs binding)

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  1. Wow I have not done much blog surfing lately. Nice header you have there and it certainly sounds like you have been busy with finishing things up. I have been trying to get caught up too. In fact I am doing so much lately that I have several finishes. It always feels so good to get those projects done! Love all the HST's. I want to do some but have to finish a few more projects first.

  2. It's so satisfying when you can reduce your scrap mountain, isn't it? How about using the triangles in stars with a zigzag border - that ought to make some inroads on your stash. Love your colours.

  3. LOVE your box quilt! SO awesome!! And good luck with the hst - so many options!

  4. The Central Park Boxes is lovely!
    HST can be a lot of fun to play with.

    Sewing Summit is sold out! There is talk of a waiting list. I was going to wait and see what our fall schedule was, but they sold out in a day! :(

  5. Your Central Park boxes quilt is wonderful. Love your HST, they are so versatile, it's a lot of fun to lay with them.

  6. I only recently learned how to make those triangles in the scrappy quilt. I had so much fun!
    It took a long time but I am considering making one to have to put up for sale next.
    I really do need to finish a quilt I have started...and put up some things that I do have finished up in my etsy shop.


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