Monday, January 21, 2013

Friday (well, Monday) felicities

Linking up to Felicity Quilts's Friday Felicities post where she's giving away a copy of Quilting Modern. I could do with my own copy instead of borrowing Penny Poppleton's all the time!

Anyway, my felicities this last week and weekend:

Finishing off the paper-backing part of my hexies for the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild charity quilt #1. Seven sets of 33 hexies in various colourways. Phew!

#sydmqg hexies to be sewn together! Getting there slowly!

Discovering a flashback from my childhood in the form of Mello Yello:

Mello Yellow! Oh my childhood!

Starting a new quilt using Kate Spain's Honey Honey line. (And some Bella solids.) Even if I had to shoo the cat off.

All ready to cut and!

Owning two adorbsable kittehs. Who are so cute in photographs, even on camera phones!

Am I not adorbsable? Do you not wish to bow down and worship?
What are you doing?

And a very productive Saturday Sew-In for the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild, as well as being fun and social.

Honey honey productivity

I’m off to Melbourne tonight for a training course for work. I’m hoping to get a couple of blocks of hexies done while there aren’t any distractions. (Famous last words.) I’ll try to get a WIP Wednesday post up, but no guarantees!

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  1. The hexies are beautiful! Thank you for linking up to Friday Felicities!


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