Saturday, May 10, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival oops

Every year Amy at Amy's Creative Side holds a Blogger's Quilt Festival where people post their finished quilts, there's lots of oohing and ahhing, people admire, desire, and inspire, and all is happy fun bright things and rainbows and impressive works of art and quilting.

Right now, I am seriously trying to remember the last time I finished a quilt. It might have been as far back as the one for my aunt. And that was last year. Lots of quilt tops, but no quilts.

Result: I don't think I have anything to enter in the Quilt Festival.



During last week's WIP Wednesday, I was contacted by a blogger who said 'thanks for the instructions on how to make the snowflake block! Would you like to see what I've done with it?"

I would. I did. And I was impressed!

The snowflake star!

I admit, I've been thinking that I should really make some more snowflake blocks and put them together in a kind of hexagons quilt. Or something. I'm just hoping that, what with all those people and corporations running around stealing patterns, blocks, ideas, and trying to submit them as their own right now, nobody's submitted the snowflake block in the AccuQuilt Block Challenge (unless it's the blogger who first designed it, who wasn't me, btw - I don't have that kind of creativity; I just put up a tutorial for it).

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