Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIP Wednesday: the one with visible progress!

Visible progress! What a novel idea!

It's been a slightly busy week, what with the Mendocino Mermaids giveaway for Giveaway Week, and the Blogger's Quilt Festival (which I haven't entered because I don't think I've finished anything in an age and a half) and all those pretty pretty pictures from Quilt Market.

(I'd like a fat-eighth of everything Cotton + Steel is producing, kthx. Actually, I'd like a fat-quarter, but there are limits even to my fabric budget!


Walkabout (the quilt formerly known as "Do You Know Where You're Going To?")

I've got a plan for this quilt regarding the layout and quilting - hence the name change. However I suspect my vision seriously outstrips my capabilities in this matter...I guess I'll find out when I start quilting this...


However, it's nice to see some visible progress! I've got everything laid out, and am filling in the spaces, block by block.

Once again, awful photography. It would probably help if I actually held the camera steady!

Wip Wednesday, various projects

Mondrian's Nine-Patch

Yeah, nope.

Millefiori Passacaglia

So, I finally had that moment where I realised just exactly how crazy I was to be doing this project. You know? The moment when you look at how long it's taken you to do as much as you've done, and you think how much further there is yet to go? And you hit the panic button?

Millefiori madness

Yeah, that moment.

It's not as spectacular as the other ones I've seen being made, but I like the visibility of the geometric patterns, and the way the colours interact with the low-vols and the Kona Steel.


You can follow my progress at Instgram, my username is seldear over there.

Oh My!

Coming along! Decided to put it on point. Prepare for more bad photography:

Wip Wednesday, various projects

Doesn't have quite the effect I was hoping for - the bigger prints end up blending into the background fabric. But it's pretty and bright and just what I need right now - something that doesn't take detailed thought.

And, of course, now that I've decided that it's going to be on point and that I need setting triangles, I can't find the background fabric. I'm pretty sure that I didn't cut it all up for this!

To Do

1. finish the 'Oh My!' top, book some time on a longarm and quilt it.

2. finish 'Walkabout' top, panic about how I'm going to quilt it.

3. get started on Mondrian's Nine-Patch.

So much to do, no time to do it all!

What have you been working on this week?


  1. What an amazing english paper piece project! Stunning! Pinned!

  2. Your Millefiori Passacaglia is too amazing for words! I can 't imagine how long those take but the effect is stunning :)

  3. Millefiori Passacaglia, is absolutely fantastic, I would love to try it but the amount of work required is more than daunting. I really look forward to following your progress.

  4. My goodness, what a lot of lovely projects! I just love your walkabout quilt, and I'm always partial to a bit of EPP, you've done so well, it must have taken...forever! Are you using the glue method, or just hand basting?

  5. You have a lot going on and its all beautiful! That EPP project is simply amazing!

    Stopping by from Lee's hop

  6. That sure is an amazing english paper piecing project. Wow!--Shannon from ModernTraditionquilts

  7. That EPP project looks absolutely intense, but so incredible. Good luck. I know my aunt has been working on a hexie EPP quilt for about 15 years--better luck with yours!!

    I also love your flying geese pattern. Great work!!

  8. iwould love to have the diagram for the flowers, but the book is very expens for me to buy.


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