Saturday, May 17, 2014

SMQG May Sew-In: Millefiori Madness - Rosettes 1 & 3

I love days with the Sydney Modern Quilt Guild - it's nice to just sit down, no distractions, and sew. I may not have kids or a partner the way others do, but when I'm at home I feel vaguely guilty about all the things I could/should otherwise be doing.

Anyway, here's the work done on the quilt of Millefiori Madness!

Rosette 1 is complete.

Millefiori madness: the #epicmillefioriquilt Rosette 1

I was iffy about the 'rose collar' for Rosette 1, but I figured I'd sew it together and take my lumps. As it turns out, they're not quite as lumpy as I imagined they'd be - I rather like the rose collar with the black and the silver star! It'll make it stand out, at least - all the other stars will have low-vol collars, although they might have some 'outer orbit' pentagons in various colours. We'll see how that goes.

Rosette 3 is starting to get its 'outer collars' assembled, too.

Millefiori madness: the #epicmillefioriquilt - Rosette 3

Again, uncertainty about the dark green ring while sewing it all together. But I think the effect is good, and the result will be pretty spectacular!

There's another ring of low-vol pentagons, and then some handfuls of stars yet to go on Rosette 3, but I'm getting there slowly! And it's nice to have a glimpse of what it's all going to look like:

Millefiori madness: the #epicmillefioriquilt Rosette 1 & Rosette 3

I do need to fix up some of my whip-stitching on the collars: it's not as tight as it should be - you can see the cracks between pieces. *winces* I shall have to remember to stitch a bit more tightly, and make sure I affix the ends firmly when I'm basting paper pieces on the way to work!


Giveaway nearly complete! I think I'll draw it tomorrow afternoon (Sunday pm, Sydney time) which should be middle-of-the-night in the US. Although later tonight I have to go through and weed out all the no-reply bloggers who haven't left an email address. After I make meatloaf. And do some writing. And start getting my show quilt ready to go.


Maybe one of these giveaways I'll feel brave enough to offer bonus entries for following my blog, or following me on Instagram. See? All the cool kids are doing it! (On the other hand, I was never one of the cool kids at school so, maybe not.)


Looks like much fun is being had at Quiltmarket. And just about as much chaos and crowding! Have you seen the new Cotton + Steel lines? (Okay, correct that: do you like them? Because I imagine anyone who knows anything about Quiltmarket has seen them! :D)

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