Wednesday, April 8, 2015

WIP Wednesday: the one with new blocks

Happy Easter! Hope you had a good weekend, whether you celebrated the risen Christ, the Passover, the coming of spring (northern hemi), or just a day off work and school!

I didn't get many easter eggs or hot cross buns, but I did find my sewing mojo!

Design board. Too many ideas!



Birthday Swaps - AHBC Party #3

I am nearly caught up! Posted my January gift out and it's been received. And she likes it! (Or she said she does, so I'll take it as said.)

I've posted out March just this morning and it will hopefully arrive by this afternoon.

And I've nearly finished February. Just have the snaps to attach and it will be off.

(And then I have to do April. If I do April, May, and June all at once, that's not cheating, right? Maybe another shopping bag, an Open Wide bag, and another box pouch. I love those box pouches; they're so awesome!)


So, I've had this block design in mind for a while, but never had the energy/effort to put it together.

I have a cunning plan, Baldrick!

I call it 'Baldrick's Cunning Leaves' for whimsical reasons.

I've worked out the pattern and am contemplating an entire quilt of this design.

Design is good, colours...not so sure my recip will like it... 😓😒😳😢 #igminioz

Also: discovery. Secondary patterns!

Holy secondary patterns, batman! #baldrickscunningleaves

Now for the quilting... (Ugh.)


Still have to think of a design! But I ordered more fabric from Moonlight and the Birds and the Bees and Elizabeth to blend in with my Neptune and Salt Water ranges.

Going Nowhere

- Swarm
- Snowflakes

To Do This Week


Done a bunch of trimming this last week, but haven't counted how many I still need to put together!

I've decided to do this in 'bundles' of triangles, to make it easier to put together. (Hopefully.) Sew a few together every night so it doesn't get the better of me and I have a chance to make the seams line up (roughly) straight.

On The Plan


It needs to be done. I'm still debating about whether to do the Y-seams or not. My inclination is 'not'.


Winter is coming and we don't have curtains on our lounge or dining windows. Needs to be done.

Dining room: diamonds in rainbows?

Lounge room front: Concerto quilt pattern.
Lounge room side: Concerto quilt pattern in landscape.

(That'll make four Concerto quilt tops that I'm supposed to be making. Oy.)

Quilt Backings for already finished quilts

I can't even.

Imagine Greater

Really need to do this before next winter!


And this weekend, I'm going to the Handi Quilter retreat where Angela Walters is teaching FMQ classes. I went looking for whatever classes she was doing in Australia the instant I realised she was here, and found the Academy, which runs from tonight through to Saturday afternoon. I can't make the Thursday, so I've just gone with the Friday and Saturday and booked every since class I could fit in with Angela.

That makes 5 FMQ classes with her, and one piecing class with someone else which sounded interesting. I don't know who's going to be there, I'm probably going to stand out like a sore thumb (They reminded quilters to bring their glasses, which, uh, yeah. Older demographic.) but it's going to be FUN! (I hope.)

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  1. Those leaves are very cunning indeed! :D They would make an awesome full-sized quilt.


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